Product Name Glock 45 FRNT SERR MOS 9mm 4.02″ Barrel 17+1 PA455S203MOS
Brand Glock
Caliber 9mm
Action Striker Fire
Barrel 3.00″ – 5.99″



The compact crossover pistol GLOCK 45 FRNT SERR MOS 9MM 4.02 combines a compact slide with a full size frame and has all the benefits of a Gen5 model. So the slide in MOS Configuration makes it easy to mount a miniature reflex sight on the pistol’s slide without the need for a new slide or separate mounting system. And so Utilizing the design and engineering GLOCK developed for its military pistol (G19X), combined with Operator and worldwide Law Enforcement specifications.

So the slide has the proven, superior GLOCK hard-surface finish nDLC in non-reflective black. It comes with front serrations (FS) which provide an additional tactile surface choice when manipulating the slide giving the operator positive traction even with wet or sweaty hand. The frame is also subdued black, with a flared magazine well for fast reloads in critical situations. Additional features include the smoother trigger pull, the enhanced texture for sure handling, a reversible magazine catch, ambidextrous slide stop lever, the Modular Backstrap System(MBS) for individual ajustability and the incredibly accurate, reliable GLOCK Marksman Barrel(GMB).

With the G45 MOS GLOCK has the next level of performance for service pistols – tested, proven and unmatched by any others

Specifications of the GLOCK 45 FRNT SERR MOS 9MM 4.02

Consumer Item Height 5.47
Consumer Item Width 1.34
Consumer Item Length 7.44
Shipping By Air Prohibited No
Advertised Origin Made in the USA
Age Restricted 21
Consumer Item Weight 30.3
Width 1.34 Inch
Weight 30.3 Ounce
Care Information N/A
Height 5.47 Inch
Length 7.44 Inch


Ratings (out of five stars): of the GLOCK 45 FRNT SERR MOS 9MM 4.02

Accuracy * * * * * 

So I never thought I would find a GLOCK brand GLOCK that shoots as well as the G19X, but this one does. So the grip size combined with the compact slide makes this gun just bounce in the hand under recoil and it just wants to stay on target.

Reliability * * * * *(Buy Glocks Online)

I had no failures to feed or fire at all with this pistol.

Ergonomics * * * * *

This pistol handles like a dream. There is ample room on the grip for even the largest hands, but the gun is overall fairly compact. Just like the very similar G19X, this gun has great balance and is easy to shoot in general.

Customize This * * *(Buy GLOCK 45 Online)

The problem with many of the Gen5 guns is that they have a lack of good accessories, but that will all change in the days to come.

Aesthetics * * * (Buy GLOCK 45 Online)

GLOCK has always taken the path of making sure the is farm working before painting the barn, even if that barn doesn’t get painted for some time. This is not an attractive gun, but it’s handsome enough for what it is.

Overall * * * * * (Buy Glocks Online)
The haters out there will disagree with the proportions of this gun, but as the old adage goes, haters gonna hate. The full-size grip, generous capacity, better trigger, and compact barrel make for a gun that is only limited by the abilities of the shooter.

I’e noticed something when it comes to the new GLOCK models. They tend to run a bit fast compared to the old barrels. So the results I got for the G45 with the match grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel were interesting, as I have quite a bit of trigger time on many of these loads this year in several 9mm pistols.

The results for these rounds were a smidge faster than I’ve seen in the past, but I think it is a matter of the individual gun here. I tested these same loads in a G19 Gen5 and the G45 was slightly faster on all loads despite having essentially the same barrel length.


When it came to reliability, the GLOCK 45 just ran and ran. So i had no issues at all and was easily able to shoot my steel plate out to 50 yards. Up close, the G45 handles well when shooting rapidly with its long, groove-less grip.

This may not be the gun that many GLOCK fanboys wanted, but it’s a gun that will make fanboys of the uninitiated. So if this is the first GLOCK you fire, you’ll be very pleased. The G45 is an excellent choice in a full-frame gun handgun and so is likely the best single handgun GLOCK has ever produced. And so i would choose this over a standard G19 any day of the week.


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